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Gerald Farm
Farm, Gerald

Gerald Farm is an artist of distinctly American tradition whose work has earned him the honor of being dubbed “The Norman Rockwell of the West”. Born in Grand Island, Nebraska in 1935, Farm is a storyteller who paints Western nostalgia in oils. “I am a painter of the moods of people”, he explains, “and the story that is in them. more 

Ted J. Feeley
Feeley, Ted J.

T.J. Feeley is a contemporary western and wildlife artist. His newest creation, the Corner Bronze®™ , has inspired an innovative, unique, and creative composition. more 

Jean Honore Fragonard
Fragonard, Jean Honore

Fragonard preferred to paint lighthearted, erotic pictures for private clients.  He only exhibited at the Salon twice.  His cheerful canvases reinvigorated the Rococo style. He painted mythology, gallantry, landscape, and portraiture, often signing his works Frago. more 

Franzen Franzen
Franzen, Franzen

Sorry, biographical information is not currently available for artist Franzen Franzen. more 

John Frieberg
Frieberg, John

Sorry, biographical information is not available at this time for artist John Frieberg. more 

Fredrick Carl Frieseke
Frieseke, Fredrick Carl

Despite the proximity to Monet, Frieseke’s paintings of large, rounded women display closer ties to the work of Auguste Renoir. more 

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