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Rick Kelley
Kelley, Rick

The wildlife and western art of Rick Kelley is a visual journal of his life's travels and adventures. Each piece is a fond memory of the wildlife he admires, preserves, and portrays through each painting. more 

Barend Koekkoek
Koekkoek, Barend

The painting is notable for its accurate and sober study of nature; it marked Koekkoek's commitment to a style of landscape divorced both from the predominantly topographical approach of the 18th century and from the flat and decorative manner of contemporary mural painting. In 1834 he moved permanently to Cleve in Germany, where he developed into one of the most important landscape painters of his generation and achieved international fame. more 

Cornelius Krieghof
Krieghof, Cornelius

In 1853, Krieghoff finally settled in Quebec City, where he for 11 years, making several trips to Europe. During this period, he achieved popularity and prosperity and painted his best-known pictures, scenes depicting the local townspeople and the North American Indians, as well as views of Quebec City and the surrounding region. more 

Frederik Kruseman
Kruseman, Frederik

Sorry, biographical information is available at this time for artist Frederik Marianus Kruseman. more 

Ken Kylmanen
Kylmanen, Ken

Since his childhood, Ken Kylmanen has enjoyed the outdoors and observing the true forms nature has to offer. Bowhunting for over 20 years has afforded opportunities to observe wildlife in its most relaxed environment, which has been an inspiration to my work. more 

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