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Jean Honore Fragonard
Fragonard, Jean Honore

Fragonard preferred to paint lighthearted, erotic pictures for private clients.  He only exhibited at the Salon twice.  His cheerful canvases reinvigorated the Rococo style. He painted mythology, gallantry, landscape, and portraiture, often signing his works Frago. more 

Franzen Franzen
Franzen, Franzen

Sorry, biographical information is not currently available for artist Franzen Franzen. more 

John Frieberg
Frieberg, John

Sorry, biographical information is not available at this time for artist John Frieberg. more 

Fredrick Carl Frieseke
Frieseke, Fredrick Carl

Despite the proximity to Monet, Frieseke’s paintings of large, rounded women display closer ties to the work of Auguste Renoir. more 

Corbert Gauthier
Gauthier, Corbert

Gauthier believes that art should touch the viewer with its immediacy, drawing us to a sense of the profound. His favorite medium is oil because of its richness and versatility. Using a variety of glazes, he creates luminous scenes that glow with warmth and emotion. more 

Berthold Genzmer
Genzmer, Berthold

Sorry, biographical information is not available at this time for artist Genzmer Berthold. more 

Jean-Leon Gerome
Gerome, Jean-Leon

Gérôme's highly finished mythology and history paintings were painstakingly rendered, often melodramatic, and frequently erotic. For the last twenty-five years of his life, he concentrated on sculpture. more 

Joanne Graham
Graham, Joanne

Joanne Graham was born in Petaluma, California. She has always been interested in art and her blossoming talent was apparent and acknowledged very early in her childhood. By the time she entered high school she had developed her own unique style. Her technique has earned the praise of artists and layman alike, as Joanne does not use brushes. Joanne's lifelike portraits of people and wildlife subjects are painted using her fingers as her only tools. more 

Francis Guy
Guy, Francis

Baltimore where he painted a series of murals and was commissioned to paint country estates.  He lived the last part of his life in Brooklyn, and left behind over 400 works. more 

William Hahn
Hahn, William

As a student in Dusseldorf, Hahn became friends with William Keith and followed him first to Boston in 1869 and in 1872 to San Francisco where they shared a studio. There he became a painter of animal, interior, still life, and genre scenes including the crowded alleys of Chinatown. more 

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