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Frederik Kruseman
Kruseman, Frederik

Sorry, biographical information is available at this time for artist Frederik Marianus Kruseman. more 

Ken Kylmanen
Kylmanen, Ken

Since his childhood, Ken Kylmanen has enjoyed the outdoors and observing the true forms nature has to offer. Bowhunting for over 20 years has afforded opportunities to observe wildlife in its most relaxed environment, which has been an inspiration to my work. more 

Dallen Lambson
Lambson, Dallen

Dallen Lambson was born March 4, 1977 to Hayden and Cheryl Lambson in Pocatello Idaho.  He was the third of eight children and has always felt blessed to grow up in a large family.  “It was a nice arrangement.  Everyone had someone to beat up on.”  Dallen has always considered his family and upbringing to be a significant influece for good in his life.  “There is something very stabilizing that comes with being raised in a home where God and family take priority.”  He has fond memories of road trips, camping, hunting, and fishing with his family.  It was in that setting that he began to develop an interest in the work his Dad was doing as a wildlife artist.  more 

Hayden Lambson
Lambson, Hayden

Obvious from his enthusiasm for wildlife conservation and his artwork itself is Hayden’s love for hunting and the outdoors.  It is a love that has been embraced by all members of his family and has become a great thread that brings the family together. more 

Fitz Lane
Lane, Fitz

Fitz Hugh Lane, a painter of ships and marine scenes, was born and raised in Gloucester, Massachusetts. more 

Greg Ledermann
Ledermann, Greg

Sorry, biographical information is not currently available for Greg Ledermann. more 

Miran Lee
Lee, Miran

Sorry, biographical information is not available at this time for artist Miran Lee. more 

Ron Lee
Lee, Ron

Sorry, biographical information is not available at this time for artist Ron Lee. more 

Jules LePage
LePage, Jules

(French, 1848-1884) Jules Bastien-Lepage devoted himself to representing traditional rural life with honesty and respect.
By the early 1880s, when he painted this scene of gathering wood in the forest, he was recognized as the leader of the Naturalist school and thought by some to be the successor to Manet as a painter of modern life.



Gari Melchers
Melchers, Gari

Internationally celebrated as a major late nineteenth-century painter, Gari Melchers produced hundreds of paintings in studios in France, Holland, Germany, and America. more 

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