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Irma Quigley
Quigley, Irma

Sorry, biographical information is not available at this time for artist Irma Quigley. more 

Severin Roesen
Roesen, Severin

German native Severin Roesen is most famous for his abundant fruit and flower still lifes and is today recognized as one of the major American still-life painters of the mid-nineteenth century. more 

David Rottinghaus
Rottinghaus, David

When David Rottinghaus paints he draws from memories held onto from childhood.  He grew up on his parents' farm in rural North Iowa with his six brothers and sisters.  His work reflects the agricultural spirit and pride of rural America. more 

C.M. Russell
Russell, C.M.

Cowboy Artist, Charlie Russell  captured forever the real legend of the west now  gone. The drama and daily hard work of the  cowboy lives on in the canvases of Charlie Russell's  artwork. more 

Henry Scott
Scott, Henry

Sorry, biographical information is not available at this time for artist Henry Edward Scott. more 

Kasey Scott
Scott, Kasey

K.C. Scott grew up on one of Michigan’s true treasures, Gull Lake. Located just outside of Kalamazoo, Gull Lake is one of the best fishing lakes in the state of Michigan. It’s also the place where K.C.’s father introduced him to the world of fishing and diving. He spent his summers chasing anything that would bite and snorkeling to experience the underwater world first hand. To escape the winter cold, each spring his family vacationed in the Florida Keys. There K.C. spent every waking hour on the water chasing tarpon, snapper, grouper and any creature willing to put up a fight. During those magical days he fell in love with the ocean, its mysteries and its creatures. more 

Gene Stocks
Stocks, Gene

Warm, restful, tranquil, and nostalgic are words most often heard whispered from the viewer's lips as their eyes wander through the seemingly three dimensional images painted by Gene Stocks. more 

O. T.
T., O.

Sorry, biographical information is not available at this time for artist O.T.


Edmund Tarbell
Tarbell, Edmund

A leading Boston painter in the style of Impressionism, he was born in West Groton, Massachusetts, and raised in Boston, where he first was a lithographer's assistant. more 

Fred Thomas
Thomas, Fred

An avid outdoorsman, Fred W. Thomas has spent much of his art career painting and illustrating the wildlife and environment of the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. more 

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