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Al Agnew
Agnew, Al

To view an Al Agnew original is to be given the gift of a moment suspended in time. Wildlife artist Al Agnew captures the essence of wildlife in colors and emotions on painted canvases.

Mark Anderson
Anderson, Mark

Growing up in South Dakota, Mark Anderson developed a love of the outdoors. Hunting and fishing were not only a favorite pastime, they were a way of life. As an adult, Mark’s devotion to nature fueled another interest, painting. He is a self-taught wildlife artist who began painting 1980. Like all true callings, painting became his full-time commitment by 1993. more 

John Cogan
Cogan, John

“Painting is an attempt by the artist to capture the created world on canvas.” John Cogan tries to do that very thing, painting the landscapes and wildlife of the American West in a unique style that has become known throughout New Mexico and the Southwest. more 

Steven Davis
Davis, Steven

Sorry, biographical information is not available at this time for artist Steven Davis. more 

Gregory Defouw
Defouw, Gregory

Sorry, biographical information is not available at this time for artist Gregory Defouw. more 

Gerald Farm
Farm, Gerald

Gerald Farm is an artist of distinctly American tradition whose work has earned him the honor of being dubbed “The Norman Rockwell of the West”. Born in Grand Island, Nebraska in 1935, Farm is a storyteller who paints Western nostalgia in oils. “I am a painter of the moods of people”, he explains, “and the story that is in them. more 

Joanne Graham
Graham, Joanne

Joanne Graham was born in Petaluma, California. She has always been interested in art and her blossoming talent was apparent and acknowledged very early in her childhood. By the time she entered high school she had developed her own unique style. Her technique has earned the praise of artists and layman alike, as Joanne does not use brushes. Joanne's lifelike portraits of people and wildlife subjects are painted using her fingers as her only tools. more 

Beth Hoselton

Allen Jimmerson
Jimmerson, Allen

Allen Jimmerson was born in Lewiston Montana in 1954 and is a graduate of Columbia Falls High School.


Rick Kelley
Kelley, Rick

The wildlife and western art of Rick Kelley is a visual journal of his life's travels and adventures. Each piece is a fond memory of the wildlife he admires, preserves, and portrays through each painting. more 

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