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Dallen Lambson
Lambson, Dallen

Dallen Lambson was born March 4, 1977 to Hayden and Cheryl Lambson in Pocatello Idaho.  He was the third of eight children and has always felt blessed to grow up in a large family.  “It was a nice arrangement.  Everyone had someone to beat up on.”  Dallen has always considered his family and upbringing to be a significant influece for good in his life.  “There is something very stabilizing that comes with being raised in a home where God and family take priority.”  He has fond memories of road trips, camping, hunting, and fishing with his family.  It was in that setting that he began to develop an interest in the work his Dad was doing as a wildlife artist.  more 

Hayden Lambson
Lambson, Hayden

Obvious from his enthusiasm for wildlife conservation and his artwork itself is Hayden’s love for hunting and the outdoors.  It is a love that has been embraced by all members of his family and has become a great thread that brings the family together. more 

Ron Lee
Lee, Ron

Sorry, biographical information is not available at this time for artist Ron Lee. more 

Sherrie Meline
Meline, Sherrie

Her professional career began in San Jose, California in 1974 when she applied her unique painting style to laminated wood sculpture. Although a decoy collector since her college days, Sherrie’s interest in waterfowl was not expressed in her work until after she moved to Mount Shasta, California in 1980. more 

Kim Norlien
Norlien, Kim


Kim Norlien was raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota and spent his childhood summers up at the lake with his grandparents and extended family in rural Minnesota. Mr. Norlien’s interest in art began after high school when he enrolled in the commercial art program at Minneapolis Technical College.

1994 Minnesota State Fair Poster by Kim Norlien. Following his graduation in 1977, Mr. Norlien spent eight years working as a commercial artist for Honeywell, followed by nine years as a commercial freelance illustrator. Kim Norlien’s work for national companies such as General Mills, Sam Goody, 3M, Carlson Companies, and others, won him awards and national recognition and further developed his skill and painting techniques.



Gene Stocks
Stocks, Gene

Warm, restful, tranquil, and nostalgic are words most often heard whispered from the viewer's lips as their eyes wander through the seemingly three dimensional images painted by Gene Stocks. more 

Fred Thomas
Thomas, Fred

An avid outdoorsman, Fred W. Thomas has spent much of his art career painting and illustrating the wildlife and environment of the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. more 

Brent Todd
Todd, Brent

A love of the outdoors, nature and hunting led Todd to painting what he loves most - wildlife. more 

Randy VanBeek
VanBeek, Randy

Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures -HW Beecher more 

Lisa VanSweden
VanSweden, Lisa

Lisa VanSweden, born in Grand Rapids, began her career as a self-taught watercolor artist while spending endless hours walking and fishing the National Forests and great lakes throughout Northern Michigan. more 

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